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The Use and Abuse of Location-Specific RentTax Law Review (forthcoming) [with Mitchell Kane]

Progressive Formulary Apportionment: The Case for “Amount D,” 171 Tax Notes 1713 (2021) [with Mitchell Kane]

Illusions of Justice in International Taxation, 48 Philosophy & Public Affairs 151 (2020)

An Ethical Framework for Global Vaccine Allocation, 369 Science 1309 (2020) [third author, with Ezekiel Emanuel, Govind Persad, and members of the FAAR Consortium]

The Democratic Limits of Political Experiments, 19 Politics, Philosophy & Economics 321 (2020) [with Eric Beerbohm and Ryan Davis]

Note, Taxing Pain and Suffering, 94 NYU Law Review 507 (2019)

Our Deeds, Ourselves, 72 Analysis 665 (2012)

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